Inside Mastering SAP Sydney, 2019

Mastering SAP Sydney 2019

Last week, InsideSAP attended the Mastering SAP 2019 conference in Sydney’s Hyatt Regency as official media partner. Over this coming week, InsideSAP will be reporting on the event in addition to our regular news and updates.

As always, Mastering SAP was an outstanding event with over 700 of the best minds in the SAP ecosystem gathered at a single location. The lineup boasted experts covering five SAP communities: HR & Payroll, Finance, Technologies & Cloud, Business Analytics and, as a key focus, Security & Risk.

This being my first year attending, I was interested to hear from the speakers and sponsors. I was also particularly interested in the questions beng asked by delegates, who attended in the hopes of uncovering new information and solutions. There were some recurring themes to take away from this year’s conference, with security and risk being one of the hottest topics.

Identity management, particularly external identity management, was frequently raised by sponsors and speakers. With companies managing thousands of user accounts, effective solutions to identity management need to be considered as a top security priority. The challenge companies face is in giving managers effective control over account identities.

Effective UI integrations continue to be a highly discussed subject as companies seek streamlined, easily adopted interfaces. This year, incorporating new user uidance into UI systems was a strong focus.

SAP cloud versus on-premise systems have been a point of consideration for many delegates. Fortunately, with speakers and panel discussions on the subject, as well as sponsors offering unique solutions, hybrid solutions are far better understood and accessible.

The questions I heard most from delegates in attendance were around Agile Business. It seems that in the Australian SAP ecosystem there is a lot of room for further work with SAP users in this field.

For me personally, the most valuable takeaway was this: SAP may be about technology, but first and foremeost, everyone seems to be agreed: SAP is about people.

From InsideSAP, a huge THANK YOU to The Eventful Group for coordinating the conference, the Hyatt Regency for hosting, the speakers for enlightening us, the sponsors for making the event possible, and of course to everyone who attended. If I didn’t meet you at this year’s conference, I certainly hope to see you next year.

For more information on Mastering SAP 2019, click here, or read our interview with three key speakers here.

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