Insight and intelligence top priority for ANZ CIOs

By Freya Purnell

Results from IBM’s 2010 Global CIO Study show that investing in IT to deliver insight and intelligence is the number one priority to help drive organisational strategy by 2015, with 86 per cent of Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) CIOs agreeing.

Of the study’s 181 ANZ CIO respondents, 92 per cent cited BI and analytics as the key tool to enhance their organisation’s competitiveness, compared with 83 per cent of all CIOs globally, followed by mobility solutions, nominated by 84 per cent of ANZ CIOS.

There was a significant jump in the number of ANZ CIOs nominating cloud computing as strategic at 60 per cent, up from 39 per cent in 2009, and indicating plans to implement this technology within the next five years.

ANZ CIOs were also much more willing to consider investment in self-service portals, collaboration and social networking, compared with their global counterparts. 77 per cent of ANZ CIOs plan to deploy self-service portals in the future, compared with 57 per cent globally, and 68 per cent of ANZ CIOs are looking towards collaboration and social networking tools compared with 55 per cent globally.

Overall the survey found that a similar number of CIOs and CEOs expect more change and complexity in the next five years, with both groups focusing on insight and intelligence, client intimacy and people skills to drive organisational strategy.

“Strong alignment between CEOs and CIOs signals closer synergy in investment and resourcing priorities. Today’s CEOs recognise and understand that technology is front and centre in driving organisational change and taking the business forward,” said Matt English, partner, IBM Global Business Services.

“CIOs have a key role to play in reducing complexity and helping the CEO shape change and drive business innovation to achieve competitive advantage. The findings demonstrate a common focus over the next five years, prioritises the IT agenda and defines how real value can be added by the CIO and IT overall.”

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