Inventory Management Specialist INTURN Partners with SAP

Inventory Management Specialist INTURN Partners with SAP

INTURN, an inventory management specialist platform, is currently the only software solution that helps brands manage their full inventory disposition process.

New York-based B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform INTURN has partnered with SAP to boost its next-generation enterprise software solution that standardises and optimises inventory disposition for leading global consumer brands. INTURN specialises in helping some of SAP’s largest global enterprise customers in the fashion, apparel, footwear and consumer product categories sell slow-moving and excess inventory.

Today, more than ever, the strategic partnership gives INTURN’s customers worldwide a competitive advantage amid the economic disruption caused by the COVID -19 global pandemic. Now working with SAP, brands and retailers will be able to optimise excess inventory levels, working capital and avoid waste while conducting business remotely. INTURN is an enterprise solution that empowers brands to efficiently sell slow-moving and excess inventory to retailers and recover cash faster.

Ronen Lazar, INTURN CEO and co-founder said:

“Slow-moving and excess inventory management continue to be a major challenge across all consumer verticals with widespread reports of increased inventory levels, unpredictable demand and unprecedented sales volatility.”

“Companies are actively looking to better align their supply chains with world markets and these organizations will look to technology to better predict and manage their slow-moving and excess inventory to gain this alignment. By combining INTURN with SAP’s ERP solutions, organizations can take full control of the process, enabling company-wide visibility and recovering cash faster,” the CEO added. 

Through INTURN’s modern approach to excess inventory management, the rigorous, highly outdated, manual and error-prone systems and processes are replaced by a sophisticated set of tools that have helped Fortune 1000 clients increase operating efficiencies and directly improve margins. Functioning as a centralised system of record, the platform gives full visibility into the inventory disposition of all products, enabling real-time collaboration across various teams, departments, and geographies. INTURN users can strategically price curated assortments through its content-rich system that includes product imagery helping them achieve optimal results with buyer partners. Clients are able to make decisions based on data and improve their existing and future go-to-market campaigns. 

Abe Marciano, INTURN Chief Operating Officer stated:

“This partnership is all about providing our customers with the necessary tools to optimize their inventory management through the full lifecycle.”

“While some manufacturers are currently unable to keep up with the demand for their core product lines, others are facing wary consumers who have decreased discretionary spend which will ultimately result in record amounts of slow-moving and excess inventory build-up. Even suppliers of fast-moving consumer staples will experience extreme levels of supply and demand volatility in the coming months. By bridging the power of SAP and INTURN, organizations can develop a responsive digital supply chain that can be implemented in weeks and be better equipped to succeed in this turbulent environment,” Marciano explained.

Now available at SAP App Centre, INTURN’s software solution has a proven track record of improving its clients’ operating efficiencies such as:

  • Decreased go-to-market time by up to 60 days
  • Shortened average time to transact by 55 percent
  • Reduced operating expenses by 85 percent
  • Increased margin recovery by 10+ percent

Currently, INTURN’s network hosts over 45 retailers and while the solution is most applicable to large, enterprise brands with over $5M in annual sales of excess inventory, the company is looking at expanding its services to small businesses in the future. 

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