Itelligence Celebrates Project Innovator Win at SAP Innovation Awards


Itelligence celebrated a win in the “Project Innovator” category for the SAP Innovation Awards.

Another year, another round of the SAP Innovation Awards. The competition is currently on its 6th year of recognizing individuals and companies around the globe for their inventive use of SAP products to push forth innovation and revolutionize their business enterprise.

Out of 233 total submissions from 37 different countries, the highly competitive “Process Innovator” category was awarded to Itelligence. This company has over 25 years of experience in developing SAP software tailored to their clients’ needs. They channeled their resources and expertise in SAP modules and products to develop an environmental protection strategy.

Their entry involved the use of drones and image recognition software to detect an invasive plant species, the giant hogweed. This plant causes the skin to be photosensitive, resulting to painful blisters when exposed to sunlight. It may even cause blindness if the sap gets into the eye. The exceedingly invasive nature of this plant makes it difficult to control as it encroaches more and more land area. Even though it grows up to 15 ft high, scanning acres of forest land manually is labor-intensive and honestly, extremely tedious.

The Itelligence project, in collaboration with the Danish drone company ProDrone, developed a series of algorithm processes by supplying the neural network it with copious hogweed images in order to make the system smarter. This allowed for the automatic detection of the weeds based on aerial photographs of the landscape.

The team at Itelligence certainly have cause for celebration. Aside from winning in this category, two other Itelligence projects made it to the list of finalists for the SAP Innovation Awards.


A project which utilizes developments in digital analytics and maintenance to optimize industrial or business processes and maintain quality assurance.


In partnership with KIA Motors, Itelligence developed a lifelike virtual in-house avatar that provides customers with pertinent information.

Norbert Rotter, CEO of Itelligence AG, expressed his gratitude for being celebrated as the emerging winner of the “Process Innovator” category. In a statement, he said:

“Being recognized as a good example of the smart use of digitization makes me very proud and will serve as a special incentive for us to warrant the trust placed in us in the future as well.”

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