Jiff to encourage employees to utilise workplace-offered health benefits

SuccessFactors app centre

Enterprise health benefits platform Jiff will be one of the debut partners in the recently announced SAP SuccessFactors app centre, a hub for partner-produced HR enterprise apps.

Employers offering health benefits face challenges in actually getting employees to engage with and use their health benefits.

Jiff tackles this engagement problem, with three new product and services packages: Jiff Enterprise Navigator, Jiff Total Wellbeing and Jiff Launch Pad.

The solution combines real-time data, incentives and engagement best practices to make employee health benefit programs more effective, by personalising benefits for each employee.

The company reports that current customers have found that 73 per cent of participants on the Jiff platform interact with their Jiff app at least once a week and 35 per cent of them interact with it daily.

“We’re excited to partner with SAP, which shares Jiff’s vision of connecting benefits administrators to the industry-leading apps, tools, and services they need,” said Derek Newell, CEO of Jiff. “Jiff will offer enterprise customers the tools to help bring down healthcare costs, improve employee health outcomes, and drive engagement with a wide variety of health benefits solutions.”