Job posting simplified with new SuccessFactors solution


A new solution from SAP SuccessFactors will allow organisations to post their available jobs to more than 3000 sources across more than 80 countries, including job boards, colleges and universities, and social networks.

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting allows recruiters to post jobs in multiple languages across multiple sources, and analyse performance in real time to optimise their sourcing budget and candidate flow. By managing posting and evaluating the effectiveness of different channels via one interface, organisations will reduce cost and improve return on investment, according to SuccessFactors.

“With today’s pressure to find the right person as quickly as possible whenever you have a job opening, I think we always wonder if we’ve cast a wide enough net,” said Mike Ettling, president of SAP SuccessFactors.

“Today, you have to be where the best candidates are. By giving you instant and easy access to organisational, niche and school job boards, as well as social networks around the world, we’re taking the complexity out of the sourcing game. Our recruiting solution is the most global in the market, meaning you have greater access to top talent, and you’ll more efficiently and effectively manage and measure who, how and where you recruit.”

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting forms part of the SuccessFactors Recruiting solution, which also includes Marketing and Management models.

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