A Checklist for Developing a Future-Proof AP Organization


A recent report from The Hackett Group has outlined a set of six areas that top performing companies are prioritizing for optimization of AP processes. While they include lowering transaction costs, increasing transparency and gaining more control over payment timing, they go beyond these basic objectives and take a more comprehensive approach to information, analytics, employees and technologies so that no gaps are left in processes.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The information, analytics and enabling technology capabilities of AP top performers
  • The skills, training and automation technology that best enable workers at top-performing companies
  • How top performing companies use technology to enable organization and governance, service partnering and service design
  • A checklist of service delivery objectives for maturing as an AP organization

Approaching the future with flexibility and maintaining a competitive edge requires a comprehensive approach to AP-focused P2P automation. Use this report to develop your future-proof strategy.

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