Lactalis Increase Warehouse Productivity with Honeywell Voice

Lactalis Increase Warehouse Productivity with Honeywell Voice

About Lactalis

Lactalis Group is a worldwide leader in the dairy industry, with the highest quality standards for all its products. Established in France in 1933, Lactalis exports to more than 80 countries around the world, providing a range of more than 2,000 products, covering all the dairy product categories – milk, butter, cream, cheeses, and dairy desserts.

Previously Lactalis’ Australian distribution centres (DCs) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth had worked with Icon Integration and Honeywell to implement SAP WM and voice-directed picking processes to gain greater operational visibility, control and improve worker productivity.

The Voice Picking Process

By implementing a paperless voice picking process, warehouse operators were engaged in a hands-free warehouse picking process. The natural voice system also made it easier for workers to be ‘on-boarded’ and trained up, especially casuals. This meant workers were able to be productive on the warehouse floor sooner.

Lactalis quickly saw an increase in warehouse efficiency and productivity with the voice-directed system driven SAP solution. Shipments were allocated and sent to several pickers on the floor, allowing picking to be completed by multiple workers simultaneously, which was a big change from the previous process where fulfillment was completed by just one picker.

While the voice-directed SAP workflows provided greater warehouse visibility and an increase in productivity, Lactalis wanted to further optimise its DC operations by adding voice across all warehouse functions. This was a key opportunity to drive continual improvement.

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