SAP to Launch SAP.iO Foundry for HR Tech Startups


SAP announced the launch of the SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco Winter 2019 Cohort. SAP will accelerate seven HR technology startups from across the globe as part of the program.

Winter Launch

The new cohort launch includes startups that are pioneering new capabilities for human resources, such as assistive intelligence that revolutionizes recruiting, mobile microlearning based on the science of adult learning and gamification, artificial intelligence-enabled mentorship matching, and behavioural science–based development tools for improving team performance. The selected startups will have access to curated mentorship and exposure to SAP technology and application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as opportunities to collaborate with SAP customers.

The San Francisco cohort received more than 100 applicants, with 16 companies being invited to the program’s Selection Day in November 2018. Seven startups were selected to join the cohort, five of which have female and minority founders, reflecting SAP’s commitment to diversity and alignment with the SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative to offer venture capital and incubation to underrepresented entrepreneurs.

“We are excited at the opportunity and privilege to partner with these amazing ‘rising stars’ of the next-gen HR ecosystem, and to support them by bringing the best of SAP to bear, as they build innovative solutions that deliver high value to SAP customers,” said SAP.iO Managing Director Ram Jambunathan.

Seven Selected Startups

The cohort consists of the following startups:

  • Paradox: Assistive intelligence platform that is transforming global talent acquisition and the candidate experience. Its flagship product, Olivia, enables talent acquisition and HR professionals to focus on human interaction while Olivia focuses on experience, automation and intelligence.
  • Censia: Artificial intelligence and machine learning–based predictive recruiting solution powered by one of the largest professional data platforms in the world that automates the process of identifying and engaging the most in-demand talent for opportunities.
  • Sounding Board: Leadership development platform that offers scalable, personalised coaching to help enterprises grow their next generation of leaders. It combines best-in-class coaching with enterprise-grade technology and the Sound Coaching methodology to drive positive business outcomes.
  • Gnowbe: Mobile microlearning and engagement solution designed for business impact by revolutionising corporate education through transformational learning. 
  • NextPlay: Artificial intelligence app that facilitates internal mentorship matching at scale, follow-ups and goal tracking. Its chatbot personalises employee career development to help companies attract, develop and retain more diverse talent.
  • RallyBright: Team development platform that improves team performance and dynamics by empowering business leaders with actionable, behavioural science–based insights into the strengths and vulnerabilities of their teams.
  • Disco: Real-time feedback tool designed to boost appreciation at work and reinforce organisational mission and values. Integrated into tools people use at work, it helps celebrate when employees go above and beyond and enables managers to view detailed culture reports while spreading positivity at work.

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