Lufthansa Group strengthens alumni relationships

alumni management

Lufthansa planes at Frankfurt airport. Photo: iStockphoto

Global airline Lufthansa Group has worked to improve the relationship with its alumni through the deployment of the SAP Alumni Management by EnterpriseJungle platform.

In a bid to guarantee the airline’s future viability and to expand its position in the market of aviation, Lufthansa has launched a strategic program with seven key action areas – one of which is ‘innovation and digitalisation’.

Lufthansa places considerable value on fostering a meaningful relationship with their alumni, extending many benefits enjoyed by its 120,000 employees to their alumni.

With an existing SAP and SuccessFactors footprint, Lufthansa chose the solution as they were seeking a platform with native integration, that could automate workflows, provide a single source of truth, and natively access alumni data within their business applications. In choosing the EnterpriseJungle platform, the company hopes to transform their talent supply, create meaningful relationships with their alumni and retirees, and empower employees to better interact with this extended community.

“The HR world is changing. It is becoming increasingly digital, agile, and is no longer about employment for life but rather the lifecycle of employment. Our new Alumni Platform is a strong signal that Lufthansa not only accepts but embraces this change of culture. EnterpriseJungle’s platform strongly supports us in strengthening our relationships with our former employees,” said Patrick F. Poetzsch, director, Lufthansa Alumni Program.

Mike Ettling, president, SAP SuccessFactors, said the days of cutting all ties when an employee moves on are over.

“Maintaining an active network of alumni serves several purposes, from keeping a connection warm for the possibility for that person to return some time in the future, with new skills and experience, to filling contract roles with someone who already knows your business,” Ettling said.

“Perhaps even more importantly, not just future boomerang employees, alumni are also potentially your customers as well as a source of other new customers when they feel connected to your brand.”

As a certified SAP Application Development Partner, EnterpriseJungle was a 2014 winner of a SAP Innovation Award, and received an honourable mention in the 2016 SAP HANA Innovation Awards.

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