Managecore implements Syslink Xandria to reduce SAP downtime

Syslink Xandria

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Syslink’s flagship SAP systems monitoring and management solution, Xandria, has been chosen by managed service provider, Managecore, to provide end-to-end, real-time SAP system performance visibility for their clients, proactively identifying SAP performance issues and preventing downtime for business-critical systems.

“We focus on ensuring the health and performance of our customers’ SAP systems,” said Michael Haase, founder, Managecore.

“The level of SAP monitoring we were able to achieve using Syslink Xandria goes beyond our expectation. Now, we can proactively identify issues before they have a costly impact on the business.”

Since introducing Xandria, Managecore has both identified and addressed numerous issues, such as slow batch jobs affecting production in their clients’ SAP environments. In addition, the company has introduced predictive resource consumption and transparent dashboards customised for their individual clients. The company has integrated Xandria into their customer portal, enabling their clients to stay up-to-date on their SAP system’s health at all times.

Xandria is a comprehensive SAP system monitoring and management solution that helps companies to streamline their SAP system management enterprise-wide, simplifying day-to-day operations with real-time and daily monitoring automation, and using predictive analysis to reduce failures.

According to Syslink, the solution provides SLA reporting across all SAP environments, on-premise, in the cloud or SAP HANA-based. It is pre-configured with 17 years of monitoring best-practices and can be installed and fully operational in just one day to ensure businesses gain the operational visibility and control they need to ensure their SAP systems perform at their highest levels immediately.

“Managecore offers companies with SAP systems complete transparency to their critical
enterprise systems performance,” said Neil McConnell, CEO, Syslink Americas.

“Using Xandria their team can trace and correlate issues across massive SAP landscapes extremely fast — providing faster time-to-resolution,” he said. “We are proud to be part of the Managecore solution that has broken the mould of typical SAP managed service organisations and changes the level of services companies offer.”

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