Manufacturing Execution to be available on HEC

SAP has made its SAP Manufacturing Execution application available in the cloud, via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

According to the vendor, this new option will help manufacturers embrace Industry 4.0 automation by integrating business and manufacturing processes. By running on the HEC, the solution can combine the analytical and transactional processing power of SAP HANA with the ability to connect manufacturing processes with Internet of Things (IoT) data for better visibility into shop floor operations and optimised assets utilisation and productivity.

“Companies of all sizes need to be more responsive to the variability in market demand and customer-specific product requirements,” said Hans Thalbauer, senior vice president of extended supply chain and IoT, SAP.

“The solution delivered through SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud give manufacturing companies the speed in production to meet these dynamic needs in a cost-effective manner.”

SAP Manufacturing Execution was originally launched in December 2014.