Marketing innovation demands faster, more agile IT: Gartner

Beware of the gap between the requirements of marketing functions and the focus of IT leaders, warns new research from Gartner Inc, highlighting that while most marketing initiatives will require IT agility and speed, only 25 per cent of IT leaders are expected to have this focus by 2018.

Citing pressures by social, mobile, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), Kimberly Collins, research vice president, Gartner said, “Speed and organisational agility of both business and IT departments are needed to test new ideas and innovations to keep pace with market changes. The pace at which IT delivers new solutions, or supports existing implementations, must be the same at which its partners in marketing operate.”

IT leaders know this means they will need to balance supporting marketing needs with providing IT governance, technical assistance and assessment.

Other key forecasts from Gartner’s ‘Predicts 2016: IT Leaders Need a More Agile Approach to Support Marketing’ include:

IT involved in almost 50 per cent of social marketing

Although traditionally the purview of marketing, Gartner predicts that IT will be involved in nearly 50 per cent of social marketing application decisions by 2018, up from 30 per cent today.

“IT’s increased involvement in social marketing application advisory and decision making will result in the further contraction of the social marketing application market,” said Jenny Sussin, research director at Gartner.

“This means the number of independent, social-only vendors will decline and leave customers with two options: social media suite offerings, or multichannel marketing solutions such as those supporting multichannel campaign management or marketing business intelligence. We are already seeing some of this today in the rapid consolidation of the social marketing application space.”

Dearth of integrated marketing solutions

Gartner predicts that 90 per cent of large marketing application vendors will lack a fully integrated marketing solution through 2019 and will be marketing their siloed services directly to marketing departments as “marketing clouds,” hoping to bypass the critical eye of IT who will notice the lack of integration.

Significant increase in financial management in marketing resource management (MRM)

As marketing budgets stretch to include social, mobile and big data advances, Gartner predicts that more than 50 per cent of MRM implementations will include marketing financial management by 2019, compared to less than 25 per cent today. Allocating and optimising marketing budgets in real time based on marketing performance metrics will become increasingly important.

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