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Mastering SAP is Australia’s largest SAP business conference. It’s a network where 800+ people across five communities (Finance, HR & Payroll, Technologies, Business Analytics and Security & Risk), technology, ideas and innovations connect.

Designed to educate and inspire, the Mastering SAP “Thought Leaders Master Classes” transforms from a ‘physical experience’ to a ‘digital experience’ to deliver the best value to the SAP community as concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19), the well-being of customers, and government legislation for large gathering continue.

The Mastering SAP “Thought Leaders Master Classes” feature 3 case studies in July with perspectives and insights from global experts including David Axson, Jason Averbook and Tony de Thomasis.  

The live classes will be held in a private and secure web platform, and discussion groups and live Q&A sessions will follow.

ACCOUNTING CLOSE: Finance Excellence in a Post Covid-19 World with David Axson

Date: Tuesday 21st July @ 12 noon (AEST)

David Axson, acknowledged thought-leader on strategy, finance and technology, continues the conversation on how to achieve finance excellence now and in a post Covid-19 world.  This month he shares insights on the Accounting Close.

David has worked with hundreds of companies in more than 40 countries and is a former Partner at Accenture, co-founder of The Hackett Group and Head of Corporate Planning at Bank of America.

In this fascinating discussion, including live Q&A moderated by our host Andrew Hayden from Winshuttle, David will discuss:

  • Streamline and automate the ‘big three’ close activities: JV processing, cost allocations, account reconciliations.
  • On-demand close visibility and control.

TODAY’S WORK: Eating the Elephant in the Room with Jason Averbook

Date: Thursday 23rd July @ 12 noon (AEST)

The speed in which the world moves today is unparalleled to anything we have ever seen before. The need to change and adapt to a new way of working now underpins almost everything we do, and yet, more often than not, our response is to work even harder using our traditional approaches – largely ignoring the Elephant in the room. 

With every organization in the world going through some form of digital transformation in an attempt to drive success and keep their people and organizations ready for what comes next, recognizing the Elephant can be much simpler than understanding how to tackle it. One. Bite. At. a. Time.

As we try to keep pace with the changing world and the new NOW of Work there are three key tenants to driving success and keeping you and your organization ready for what comes next.Join global HR thought-leader Jason Averbook for this live, interactive Master Class with Q&A moderated by Claire Badger from our hosts Rizing, to learn WHY Strategy/Communication, Listening and Insights/Action should be your key focus, and get practical advice on HOW to create YOUR new Now of Work.

Preparing Your SAP Landscape for the “New Normal”: OPTIMISE & REDUCE with Tony de Thomasis

Date: Wednesday 29 July @ 12 noon (AEST)

Following the highly engaging first webinar with Tony on “Complete Stack Compliance”,SAP Mentor and Thought-Leader Tony de Thomasis again teams up with Karl Wood from Tricentis as they unpack how to Optimise and Reduce:

  • Check Custom Code and retire or tune
  • Check Data Volumes and remove rubbish
  • Detailed Technical reports of up-to-date metrics
  • Make decisions on future state based on accurate forecasts
  • Build repeatable test cases to verify all changes have achieved the desired result without producing obscure side effects

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