Genesys Talent’s Matchlist available on SAP App Centre

Genesys Talent’s cloud-based, analytics-driven HR solution, MatchList, is now available on the SAP App Centre, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enable organisations to make better and faster talent matches, saving time and expense in recruitment efforts.

Matchlist works with SAP Fieldglass to save time

MatchList enables organisations to proactively build talent communities and to identify both active and passive talent for a single role or to integrate with SAP Fieldglass to provide lists of available and interested talent. In this day of contingent workforces in the gig economy, MatchList can be a valuable tool to significantly reduce the time it takes to find and attract new talent – not just sifting through towering stacks of resumes but also uncovering passive talent that otherwise never would have even been in the running.

“Today, even the best recruiting platforms lead to a high degree of mismatched opportunities for job seekers and employers. As seasoned recruiters with decades of experience successfully placing candidates in jobs, we are inventing a better way through our MatchList solution,” said Rick Roberts, founder and CEO, Genesys Talent.

Reach candidates before they start their job search

“The key is our aggregation of candidates into social skills circles before they need a job. When an opportunity arises, we already know the candidates and their skill matrix, allowing us to use AI to perform a better match. This dramatically improves the experience and success in finding a more perfect fit. We are incredibly excited about what this means for our candidates in terms of their ability to engage with clients in the SAP ecosystem, allowing them to be matched in a material way to numerous job opportunities,” said Roberts.

Earlier this year, Genesys Talent became a member of the SAP Fieldglass Digital Partner Network, which was established to provide SAP Fieldglass clients with multi-channel options for sourcing and engaging independent talent and related services.

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