McDonald’s UAE Modernises with SAP Analytics Cloud

McDonald’s UAE Modernises with SAP Analytics Cloud

In the latest BARC’s The BI Survey 18, the world’s largest survey on the selection and use of BI (Business Intelligence) tools, 52% of SAP Analytics Cloud users chose the solution because of the high innovative capacity of SAP. 87% rate its price-performance ratio as good or excellent and 96% would recommend SAP Analytics Cloud.

McDonald’s UAE, owned and operated by Emirates Fast Food Co., has partnered with SAP to fast-track its digital transformation. The company intends to modernise its operations with mobile and scalable cloud solutions including the implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Walid Fakih, General Manager at McDonald’s UAE stated:

“McDonald’s UAE’s digital transformation with SAP is giving all of our staff real-time access to lines of business to transform customer experiences – from optimised layouts to personalised menus, and fast deliveries.”

As one of the country’s largest quick food service restaurants, McDonald’s UAE leverages SAP Analytics Clouds to optimise IT infrastructure costs by enabling the company to communicate operational data across all restaurants, including kitchen serving times and relationships with third party operators. 

“We’re exchanging global best practices in the retail and restaurant sectors so that McDonald’s UAE can leverage our cloud infrastructure to optimise operations and experiences, and to foster economic growth and job creation,” explained Zakaria Haltout, Managing Director at SAP UAE.

In line with finding the right talent for McDonald’s UAE, SAP SuccessFactors introduces several new Human Resources functionalities such as accommodation management, automated payroll, and faster onboarding.

Industry experts have stated that the collaboration aims to serve the UAE’s growing food services market. According to Al Masah Capital, a leading independent advisory and asset management firm based in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the market is expected to achieve 45% growth and to reach $9.7 billion by 2020. 

Also, the report showed that the UAE’s tourism sector is expected to bring in 20 million visitors in 2020, which will further reinforce the forecasted growth of the food services market.

More about SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud lays the foundation for fast, modular use, and can grow alongside a business. As a true cloud solution, it is convenient, secure, and scales to meet the needs of businesses of any size.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers the following benefits:

  • Centralized Intelligence. Facilitates real-time tracking of organizational KPIs with up-to-the-minute updates to its interactive dashboards.
  • Automatic Insights. Leverages machine learning technology to identify key business drivers and insights.
  • Integrated Planning. Streamlines end-to-end workflows with a single software solution for BI and planning.
  • Interactive Results. Allows simulations right from the boardroom with a 360° view of your business.

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