Microsoft launches AR template for SAP

SAP AR template

Microsoft's Sydney store. Photo: iStockphoto

Microsoft has introduced an end-to-end Accounts Receivable solution template for SAP to provide easy ongoing access to SAP data for finance professionals to analyse, store and use to create BI reports to share within the organisation.

Part of Microsoft’s Power BI Solution suite of tools, the SAP AR template was launched in partnership with Simplement after a three-month public preview and customer feedback period.

The AR template includes four reports designed for a comptroller or senior financial manager who must constantly be aware of their organisation’s AR situation. The template, which can be implemented quickly and easily, provides powerful insights into accounts receivable by customer, document, and age.

Pre-built reports highlight common AR reporting needs, allowing users to focus on problematic companies and customers. The up-to-date summary view of the current total AR balance provides a snapshot of the organisation’s current AR situation, while the “time travel” feature enables users to analyse historic AR trends and point-in-time balances of problem areas found at the summary level. The template displays receivable aging buckets as a percentage of total to identify which customers or companies are overrepresented in certain areas, including Over 90 Days and 1-30 Days at specified thresholds.

Once installed, an agent collects AR data from SAP on a daily basis and populates an on-premise SQL Server database or SQL Azure DB to source the Power BI reports.

Microsoft is offering a one-month free trial, after which organisations can register with Simplement for a full licence.

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