Mobility solution enables Queensland Rail to drive improved railway maintenance efficiencies

SAP Work Manager

Queensland Rail has implemented SAP Work Manager to over 600 mobile workers, improving the effectiveness and cost efficiencies of the railway operator’s work order execution.

The implementation, which was completed on time and on budget by SAP systems integrator UXC Oxygen in February 2015, was driven by a need for Queensland Rail to find a more dynamic and automated way to deal with the work order process, said Stanley Takis, Queensland Rail’s program director for the Enterprise Asset Management System project.

“We wanted to build in better efficiency around our planning for maintenance, outages and repairs – over and above the manual way we were doing things,” said Takis.

Queensland Rail’s itinerant workforce operates across 8000 kilometres of critical railway infrastructure. The company needed a new approach to how it created, sent and executed work orders for corrective and preventative maintenance.

“The old way was very inefficient,” said Takis. “There was no real time reporting and hours weren’t recorded correctly or allocated to the correct job. Whilst everything was maintained, the time capture and information recording was weak, which created inefficiencies in our procurement and inventory management processes.”

As an existing SAP customer, Queensland Rail opted for an SAP enterprise asset management solution.The implementation of SAP Work Manager has equipped Queensland Rail with mobile devices with Wi-Fi, SIM cards and hot spot capabilities that allow complete work-in-the-field reporting with GPS stamping, and uploading of photo and digital attachments.

The new solution has given Queensland Rail improved compliance oversight as it can now better validate exactly where maintenance activity has been undertaken. “It has automated the whole work order process. I now have a lot more detailed and reliable information at my fingertips, which I can share with senior management,” said Takis.

Using SAP Work Manager, a notification can be raised on a tablet when an issue is encountered, a photo of the problem can be taken and sent to the scheduler, who then compiles and coordinates these notifications, raises the work order and sends out the maintenance crew to execute the repairs.

“Thanks to improved geo-tagging the coordinator can group jobs to be done by area, which means we can schedule several pieces of work at once and be confident we are sending the closest team out to do the work. The materials are picked up from a convenient location, the work is carried out, and the time and materials information is recorded via the tablet. All the information is sent back to our core SAP system.

“The solution allows us to plan maintenance work more efficiently, particularly when that work involves cross discipline teams,” said Takis. “It’s a costly exercise to take a bridge out of service for repairs, so it is important that you execute all the maintenance in and around the bridge location at the same time. Using SAP Work Manager we can schedule that activity much better and minimise one-off maintenance exercises.”

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