MyWave.AI Now an SAP Endorsed App


To be an SAP Endorsed App, the SAP partner has to be invited for its solution to undergo a series of stringent tests before receiving the premium certification, which is an additional level of certification consisting of three main requirements: integration certification tests, cloud quality check and static security code scan.

The month of June opened with new SAP initiatives, enhancements, and programs including the latest SAP Endorsed Apps– a new category in the SAP App Center featuring solutions from SAP’s partner ecosystem. Several solutions that received the premium certification were released the first week of June and one of which is the powerful intelligent personalisation platform from MyWave, a Melbourne-headquartered information technology and services company.

MyWave.AI is an intelligent personalisation application that combines AI, personal data, and proactive automation to enable the customer-centered intelligent enterprise. This unique capability enables enterprises to make each product or service personalised at scale for individual customers. 

Becoming an SAP Endorsed App

As part of the German company’s new Partner Solution Progression Framework, the invitation-only SAP Endorsed App initiative strengthens the credibility of partner-solutions from earning SAP’s premium certification. Now, MyWave.AI, as an SAP Endorsed App available at the SAP App Center, has a wider reach to gain customers’ confidence knowing that the application has been properly evaluated and tested by SAP.

Tom Roberts, senior vice president, Partner Solution Success at SAP, shared:

Ecosystem innovations are essential to SAP’s vision and delivery of the intelligent enterprise.”

“We applaud MyWave.AI on achieving endorsed app status for MyWave.AI Intelligent Personalisation Platform. Partners like MyWave.AI are positioned to help us deliver on a vision and provide new innovations to our customers – quickly, easily and with solutions that have achieved premium certification and support of SAP,” he further commented.

Geraldine McBride, CEO & Director at MyWave.AI, said:

“We are delighted to announce that MyWave.AI Intelligent Personalisation Platform is an SAP endorsed application.”

“Every business wants to build strong, personal relationships with its customers, but when customer interactions happen over a web site or an app they are, by their very nature, impersonal. MyWave.AI humanises and personalises digital interactions to recreate the best customer experience in sales and service,” the MyWave CEO added.

MyWave.AI changes the customer engagement landscape for large enterprises by gathering enterprise data on the customer to drive personalised, proactive, end-to-end outcomes for people across enterprises and business processes. Through its human-like ways of interactions, the intelligent personalisation platform uses natural language; learns from previous and concurrent interactions; understands and uses customer context to eliminate the need to fill in forms; and bounce around call centres or getting stuck in a department when trying to get an outcome. These speed up and simplify customer engagements.

The O, X, and Intelligent Personal Data ROI

Essentially, MyWave.Ai combines O data, X data, and intelligent personal data to drive dynamic processes, personalised to the individual. For enterprises, the platform creates significant, dynamic, and measurable ROI by achieving the following:

  • Greater Customer Satisfaction and increased transaction value per Customer
  • Up to 30% increase in Sales from Intelligent Personalisation
  • 200% improvement Marketing Efficiency & 20% reduction in Churn
  • Call Deflection improved by 50% & a 25% reduction in Call Handling Time
  • Staff Optimisation improved by 60%
  • End to End Outcomes for your Customer across your Enterprise and Ecosystem

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