New analytics tool to assess SAP development efficiency


A lack of transparency about where money is being spent and where bottlenecks occur during development is a common issue with SAP projects.

To combat this, Basis Technologies has now released DevAnalytics, a tool which provides metrics to identify waste, inefficiency and bottlenecks during development and delivery of SAP change.

It provides 35 delivery performance metrics across five key categories – velocity, cycle time, rework and waste, work in progress and approval time – enabling companies to understand where action needs to be taken to improve efficiency and optimise delivery. It also provides data to measure internal teams and external suppliers against benchmarks and performance metrics.

According to Basis, DevAnalytics supports the adoption of Agile and DevOps methodologies for SAP by providing a set of metrics that can be used to assess performance on an ongoing basis.

DevAnalytics is compatible with SAP instances running SAP Solution Manager, both cloud-based or on-premise. It is the latest addition to the company’s expanding DevOps Toolset for SAP, which also includes ShiftLeft for change analysis, Transport Expresso for automation, collaboration and auditing for change management, and DevMax, for the automation of conflict management.

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