New cybersecurity guide for Australian leaders

Mike Burgess, Telstra

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing headache for Australian boards, executives and officers, and a new guide aims to provide practical, expert advice on how best organisations can be protected from cyberattacks.

Released by Palo Alto Networks, Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers (Australian Edition), has contributions on topics such as compliance, skills gaps, incident management, prevention and response.

Among the contributing authors are: Mike Burgess, chief information security officer, Telstra; Rachel Falk, cybersecurity expert; Ben Heyes, chief information security and trust officer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia; Adrian Turner, CEO, Data61; David Irvine, chair, Australian Cyber Security Research Institute; and Arno Brok, CEO of the Australian Information Security Association.

“Cybersecurity isn’t a mysterious risk. Every board and CEO must know and understand what good looks like in cybersecurity and their acceptable level of cyber risk. What is needed are trusted advisers who can cut through the hype and not be distracted, providing boards and senior leaders with impartial advice,” said Burgess and Falk.

Hayes said cybersecurity needs to be a consideration by all functions across the enterprise.

“Central to driving organisation-wide accountability for security is having all parts of an organisation recognise their role in addressing cybersecurity risks. Business units make better security decisions when they genuinely own the risk of non-compliance. A security-conscious culture, where staff actively recognise their own responsibility for mitigating cyber threats, is equally critical. Champion news ideas – especially the radical ones – that challenge preconceptions on how best to solve cybersecurity problems,” he said.

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