New Fieldglass solution targets workforce management for the mid-market

SAP Fieldglass is going after the mid-market with the launch of SAP Fieldglass Flex, a cloud solution to facilitate the sourcing, hiring and management of external labour.

The solution aims to address the growing need for external labour management technology amongst medium-sized businesses, particularly as they look to leverage alternative talent pools to address skill shortages.

According to SAP Fieldglass, Flex has been designed specifically for the needs of the mid-market, and is engineered for rapid set-up, providing complete visibility and control over external talent to drive efficiencies. Organisations can manage their compliance obligations and easily answer questions around who is working for them, what work they are doing and how much they are paid.

“As mid-sized enterprises continue to increase their use of flexible talent, the technology to manage these workers will play a pivotal role in their external workforce management programs,” said Christopher Dwyer, research director, Ardent Partners. “As this market increasingly engages with a more blended workforce, it will require technology that can enhance talent engagement, improve cost savings and maintain critical visibility.”

The percentage of external workers is predicted to grow from 35 per cent in 2016 to more than 50 per cent within a few years.