New release of Vora to simplify cloud deployment

SAP Vora

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SAP has released a new version of its big data-focused Vora solution to streamline the process of deployment in the public cloud, and increase its flexibility when migrating between cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment models.

The new version of SAP Vora is delivered utilising containers, and leverages Kubernetes for deployment and cluster management on public cloud infrastructure offerings.

Also among the enhancements, SAP Data Network’s live customer cloud service will use the distributed computing capabilities of SAP Vora to process large data volumes to highlight business insights in near real-time. The service combines expertise in big data, machine learning and analytics to provide an end-to-end portfolio for data monetisation as a ready-to-consume cloud service.

“We are bringing together data transformation and business transformation on the same platform, uniting structured data and computed unstructured data to change the way businesses plan, scale and innovate,” said Greg McStravick, president, SAP Database and Data Management.

SAP has plans to support Azure Data Lake, hosted in Microsoft’s public cloud Azure, and can now load and distribute data files stored in Amazon S3. Other features of the latest release are an enhanced monitoring framework, support for Apache Spark2.x and connectivity optimisation with the SAP HANA platform.

“We use SAP Vora to realise our accelerator data services that quickly process and curate industry and line-of-business-specific data for reusability in many business scenarios – thus enabling faster time to market for our customers,” said Helen Arnold, president, SAP Data Network.

“SAP Vora 2.0 will play a role in further executing on our promise to create new business models and revenue streams for our customers by using one of the greatest assets of our time – data.”

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