New subscription programs from SAP PRESS


Photo: iStockphoto

SAP PRESS has created new subscription programs to allow customers to access its books on an online self-service basis.

There are two types of subscription plans: a full subscription, which gives readers access to the publisher’s catalogue; or topic subscriptions, providing access to books on a single topic, such as logistics, finance, programming and so on.

Both subscription types are updated monthly with relevant new titles, with payment able to be made monthly or annually.

“Our subscription was initially rolled out as a B2B offering: larger teams, annual subscription terms, lengthy license agreements,” said Florian Zimniak, managing director, Rheinwerk Publishing. “But SAP professionals increasingly think as consumers: they want access quickly, and they demand flexibility in terms of scope and length of their subscription.

“Our web shop gives them just that: instant access, on a month-to-month plan. With the SAP PRESS subscription, readers don’t have to worry whether the particular piece of information they are looking for is ‘outside the scope of this book’. As long as we’re talking about SAP, there is no ‘outside’ with the SAP PRESS subscription. You have access to everything you need to fulfill your project tasks.”

The subscriptions also offer the ability to personalise the library through bookmarking, annotating and printing pages, full-text search across all books, and the ability to download additional coding, templates and figures.

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