New version of Aspera software reduces indirect access risks

SAP licence management

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Leading software asset management (SAM) solutions provider, Aspera, has launched version 3.9 of its cloud-capable software License Control for SAP to make it easier for organisations to manage their SAP software licensing agreements and reducing risks, particularly those associated with indirect access.

Those risks were highlighted earlier this year with the UK High Court ruling in favour of SAP for a claim of more than £55 million for indirect users.

The new version of Aspera’s SAM enables enterprises to quickly generate an overview of their software licensing landscape. A key feature enables organisations to optimise the handling of user accounts for applications that indirectly access SAP resources. Version 3.9 simplifies the installation process by enabling SAP data export without the transport of modifications and it maximises security when importing data.

The new user interface is modelled on Aspera’s SmartTrack, providing existing customers with a familiar, intuitive UI and providing new customers with tested usability features.

The solution helps enterprise maintain the most cost-effective licenses while ensuring compliance with SAP’s License Administration Workbench (LAW) measurements. According to Aspera, since an enterprise-level company typically spends millions of dollars on SAP licenses each year and the average annual cost reduction experienced with SAP license management is 10 per cent, the potential savings tally to a six-digit figure.

“No tool can solve a problem without knowledge,” said Dr Michael Moebius, head of license management, BSH Home Appliances, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. “What really matters to us is the knowledge that the SAP consultants offer and the efficient service provided by Aspera.”

Moebius’ team connected 60 SAP systems to the Aspera solution within a span of two months.

“We want to ensure that our customers understand their license management, feel in control of it, and can be proactive,” said Guido Schneider, senior product management advisor SAP, Aspera. “Customers want simple ways to make regular cost savings. This goal can’t be reached with labour-intensive, ad-hoc attempts at optimisation.”

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