Next-Gen SAP ERP System Monitoring Tools from AppDynamics Launched

Next-Gen SAP ERP System Monitoring Tools from AppDynamics Launched

AppDynamics, part of American multinational technology conglomerate Cisco Systems, Inc., is an application performance management (APM) and IT operations analytics company based in San Francisco, California. This week, the software solutions company announced the launch of its ‘next-generation’ of SAP ERP system performance management solution—AppDynamics SAP Peak Edition.

AppDynamics SAP Peak is designed to manage the most critical components of an organisation’s SAP ERP system. The comprehensive set of performance monitoring tools connects SAP landscapes with real-time business context to give enterprises deep visibility into how the performance of SAP software solutions impacts the business scenarios that facilitate the ways an organisation operates. According to a Brian Paul, Corporate Development & Strategy Executive at Cisco/AppDynamics, SAP Peak aims to help enterprises eliminate bottlenecks that may be negatively impacting their IT landscapes—such as issues with core transactions and lengthy mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR). 

The new SAP Peak is a critical update for SAP’s more than 388,000 customers whose business transactions run on an SAP ERP system, including those who are planning to shift their SAP workloads to S/4HANA and multi-cloud environments.

 AppDynamics Chief Product Officer, Vipul Shah, said:

“With the cost of an application failure averaging more than $500,000 an hour, it is critical that businesses today have a cohesive system in place to monitor and measure their increasingly complex IT environments. AppDynamics SAP Peak is the only solution that gives enterprises a single source of truth of their SAP landscapes with the real-time business context needed to prevent and resolve problems that could have a negative impact on the user experience and in turn, overall business outcomes.”

Ensuring a Robust SAP ERP System

For IT teams, AppDynamics SAP Peak provides an efficient means of monitoring their organisation’s SAP landscape. With its intuitive technology that learns and baselines the entire SAP landscape, even subtle changes to application performance are flagged—allowing IT professionals to get to the root cause of every issue faster and gather crucial insights needed to ensure a robust and healthy SAP ERP system.

SAP Peak provides a singular license that connects AppDynamics’ existing SAP ABAP Monitoring solution with Deep SAP Insights capabilities and expands the company’s SAP ERP system monitoring tool set with the addition of the Transaction Analytics Engine. This allows users to:

  • monitor key SAP business scenarios
  • access base-level APM functionality for SAP monitoring, including transaction/code-level visibility, dynamic baselining, easier Root Cause Analysis of issues, reduced MTTR and application flow maps of the SAP ABAP stack
  • view performance metrics, logs and events for the overall SAP landscape, including processes outside of the user business transactions
  • reduce the cost of managing data, save time in performance and regression testing
  • identify and isolate infrastructure performance issues, further reducing MTTR and breaking down operational silos
  • provide insights into the user journey through the SAP landscape and beyond

Paul adds,

“We’ve laid the foundation for mapping the business journey for key SAP modules and enabling our customers to visualize the business transaction. Sales & Distribution (SD) order-to-cash is merely the starting point, with use cases coming that support Materials Management (MM) order processing or even stitching a multi-module user journey together across a Procure to Pay (P2P) transaction spanning the process from purchase order to goods receipt, invoicing and finally payment. The opportunities are limitless as we continue to innovate on SAP Peak capabilities.”

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