On the Move: SUGEN appoints new chairman


Gianmaria Pernacin, SUGEN

The SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN), the global network of independent SAP user groups, has elected Gianmaria Perancin of USF (SAP French Speaking User Group) as its new chairman for a two-year term.

SUGEN currently has 20 members, and enables SAP customer groups to prioritise their issues and collaborate with SAP.

“As representatives of the majority of SAP customers, we aim to set a high bar of ambitious goals that provide the maximum benefit to all SAP User Group members. A world of dramatic change of digitalisation and a shared economy deeply impacts the SAP ecosystem,” Perancin said.

“It is imperative that SUGEN collaborates closely with SAP in order to prepare for this new world, and to support our members in this journey. Localisation and maintenance are some examples of the strategic topics we are working on with SAP.”

As chairman, Perancin replaces William Khalil from SUGMENA (Middle East/North Africa), after serving a two-year term.

“William’s action has been fundamental, while driving SUGEN to work more on strategic topics than in the past. His actions were inspired by his ability to listen, his pragmatism and his vision. William has traced a path for continuous improvement, influence, growth and progress of this wonderful network. He leaves a rich heritage. We’ll keep building a future of a rich, exciting and engaging exchange with SAP, for the benefit of all our user groups,” said Perancin.

Alongside Perancin, the SUGEN Core Leadership team for 2017 also includes Rob van der Marck from VSNG (SAP Dutch Speaking User Group), Frank Haes from SAPience.be (SAP Belgian User Group), Johan Rusaanes from SBN (SAP Norwegian User Group), and Australia’s Grahame Reynolds, representing the SAP Australian User Group (SAUG).

Yasmin Awad, senior vice president, global user groups organisation, SAP SE: “SUGEN represents a powerful international voice to SAP, resonating throughout SAP’s strategy and solutions. Together, we have nurtured and strengthened our relationship in the past years, resulting in crucial mutual insights, empathy and trust. For this year, we will continue the dialogue around new-generation ERP, success in the cloud, and innovations in the digital age.”

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