Oniqua MRO platform integrates with Suite on SAP HANA


Oniqua Analytics in action.

Oniqua Intelligent MRO, a leading Brisbane-based provider of maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory optimisation solutions for asset-intensive enterprises, has released connectors that provide full integration and compatibility with SAP Business Suite on HANA.

The new connectors enable SAP customers to take advantage of Oniqua’s cloud-based MRO inventory optimisation platform, Oniqua IQ Optimisation Suite.

The award-winning Oniqua platform extracts customer data from SAP and other common ERP and EAM systems, analyses the data using advanced algorithms, then provides users with specific recommendations to help improve margins and service levels while minimising unplanned downtime.

Benefits of the platform include the ability to better forecast the intermittent and variable demand typical in MRO; a newly designed user interface to reduce learning curves and increase efficiency; the ability to update records with a single click; better access to support, documentation and online training; improved work queues including IQ Scoring and customisable layouts; and IQ Analytics.

IQ Scoring combines urgency, value and risk-based factors to assign objective priority scores to tasks, helping users to focus where the most value is delivered in the shortest amount of time. IQ Scoring also helps users to align with global best practices.

IQ Analytics is the company’s new dashboard and reporting capability, which is designed to provides users with a faster, smarter, and easier way to build and generate reports, enabling greater visibility and deeper insights in MRO.

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