Oracle offers new security application for SAP customers

By Nathan Dukes

Oracle Database users can sleep well at night know there is a new security solution available for use with SAP applications.

The Oracle Database Vault allows organisations to effectively increase security measures by controlling who, when, where and how existing SAP application data can be accessed by users.

The solution establishes protective realms around SAP application database objects to restrict database user access, to protect sensitive data and to enforce separation of duties among privileged database users.

Past the competitive relationship between SAP and Oracle, there is a strong bond when it comes to databases.

Oracle holds the lion’s share of the database market, and a February report from Oracle said almost two-thirds of SAP implementations are based on Oracle databases.

Dr. Christian Graf, development manager- Database Platforms for SAP AG, said SAP customers demand a level of quality, which Oracle continue to delivered with products like Database Vault.

“Protecting mission-critical data within the Oracle Database is important for SAP customers,” he said.

“Through our SAP support for Oracle Database Vault, SAP customers will be able to enjoy the protection they have come to expect.”

The software establishes ‘multi-factor command rules’ to help prevent SAP application security by-pass, and customers can customise rules based on their own security requirements.

Vipin Samar, vice president of Database Security with Oracle said data is the lifeline of any business.

“[Data] must be safeguarded not only for compliance reasons, but for the health of the organization and its customer relationships,” he said.

“Today’s certification extends that protection to SAP environments, allowing customers to protect their critical business information.”

The solution was certified for use with SAP yesterday, and is also certified for use with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle’s Siebel CRM, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise, the Oracle E-Business Suite.

The solution is offered alongside Oracle Advanced Security, which provides transparent data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to SAP application data outside the database.

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