Perisoft target SMEs with BusinessObjects EDGE

By Nathan Dukes

Focusing on BI tools for small to medium enterprise, Perisoft are drumming up support for SAP BusinessObjects EDGE with a series of introductory events.

The events are aimed at both highlighting the power of the solution and introducing Perisoft’s extended BI capability in the SME market.

The company is now promoting their I4B practice, or Intelligence for Business BI practice, targeted at providing BusinessObjects solutions to small and medium enterprise customers.

“Perisoft has been an SAP Business All-In-One partner for many years, but we understand that business intelligence is special and niche, and it needs specific focus, so we have created a dedicated division within Perisoft for business intelligence using business objects,” said Uday Bonu, Executive Director of BusinessObjects at Perisoft.

Perisoft held their first event late last month to showcase the solution to non-SAP customers.

Attendees saw a live demonstration of the toolset and heard customer success stories.

The event was also an opportunity for Perisoft to discover the level of awareness customers had in BusinessObjects’ SME solutions.

Bonu said the event was very valuable for the company, and gives them a good baseline for approaching potential customers in this space in the future.

“There isn’t much awareness of BusinessObjects as a package for the SME sector,” he said.

Bonu added there is definitely interest in the SME market for BI tools, but the market hasn’t been fully introduced to the power of business intelligence tools like BusinessObjects EDGE.

“I think the interest is there, but people don’t know how easy it is to use and implement. It’s not expensive either, even though BusinessObjects is considered a tool for the larger end of town,” he said.

Taking full advantage of this information, Perisoft will host two webinars early next month for IT professionals to learn more about what BusinessObjects EDGE can do for their business.

Check our events page soon for details on how you can access the Perisoft webinars.

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