Plaut Acquire MillenniumIT

By Nathan Dukes

SAP services partner Plaut Australia has acquired manufacturing solution integrators MillenniumIT.

David Prior, Chairman of Plaut Australia, said the acquisition will provide useful additions to Plaut’s solution portfolio.

“The acquisition of MillenniumIT is a logical extension to Plaut’s solution offerings to customers in the Manufacturing, Mining, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Utilities industry,” he said in a press statement.

“MillenniumIT’s Overall Equipment Efficiency reporting capability will also compliment the Business Intelligence products and solutions offered by Plaut”, David continued.

The arrangement came into effect on the first of October.

John Broadbent, owner of MillenniumIT, wanted to ensure that the strength of the MillenniumIT brand, as well as its highly customer-focussed culture, would be continued and is confident the acquisition by Plaut will provide the environment to enable this.

“This acquisition is good for MillenniumIT, Plaut, SAP MII and above all, customers, as Plaut’s innovative and visionary culture will enhance the current SAP-MillenniumIT Perfect Plant initiative assisting manufacturers in these difficult times.”  

“For the first time in Australia, a vendor can truly claim to be able to deliver a complete solution all the way from the shop floor sensor level to the boardroom,” John said.

MillenniumIT is Australia’s leading implementer of the SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) solution.

MII is a middleware product which bridges the gap between an organisation’s ERP system and the manufacturing systems on the plant floor

The company was founded in 1995, and has had extensive experience in manufacturing process and system consulting.

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