“Postmodern ERP testing” solution launched by Panaya

Panaya has released a new end-to-end testing platform designed specifically for SAP and Oracle ERP platforms.

Already being used in production by 80 global customers, the cloud-based Panaya Test Center covers the entire functional testing spectrum, including unit testing, system integration testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing.

According to Panaya, the solution provides organisations with the ability to perform all testing activities faster, for both functional experts and business users, reducing overall testing expenses by 30 per cent.

“Our end-to-end platform staunches the haemorrhage of time and money previously wasted on manual approaches,” said Doron Gerstel, CEO, Panaya. “The cloud-based technology means they don’t have to install anything and can hit the ground running. The recent wave of customer replacing traditional testing tools such as HPQC is evidence to its true value.”

The platform has also received the stamp of approval from analyst firm 451 Research, which said in a research report that the Panaya Test Center is a leading solution for “postmodern ERP testing”.

“Papaya’s software compliments SAP’s own test workbench by marking it even easier for nontechnical users to create and document their own test scripts, which is to be welcomed as companies look to digitally transform their processes, putting end users at the centre of agile application change,” wrote Katy Ring, research director of IT services, 451 Group.