Qualtrics Global Leader Omar Garriott Launch XM Platform for Education


Qualtrics appoints Omar Garriott—go-to market strategist and leader for education products—as its Global Industry Leader in Education. The widely-recognized “Tech-for-Good guy” adds COVID-19 solutions for education institutions in the Qualtrics XM Platform. He previously led product marketing for Salesforce and LinkedIn, iPad marketing to schools for Apple, and product launches to students and schools for Adobe.

“We’re excited to welcome Omar Garriott to lead the Qualtrics Education team globally. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will help our customers close their experience gaps, across key stakeholder groups, with experience management.” 

Jeremy Smith, Executive Vice President of Industries and Services, Qualtrics

Garriott joins Qualtrics in revolutionizing and digitally transforming the academic experience in schools and universities globally through the company’s experience management (XM) platform on education. Immediately after joining the team in March 2020, he launched a series of XM solutions to address the specific needs of the education industry and help guide institutions in implementing best-in-class experience management amidst the COVID-19 crisis:

  • K-12 Remote Learning Pulse
  • Higher-Ed Remote Learning Pulse
  • Remote Educator Pulse

With a pre-built study—designed by experts—these Qualtrics XM platform help education institutions determine remote learning preparedness. The platforms, which are free-to-access, have a feature that allows for quick and regular “check-ins” for administrators to maintain an ongoing pulse on students’ and faculty’s experiences. Reports and results can be generated to identify key trends, blockers to remote learning, and areas for continual improvement.

In a blog post, Garriott states:

“A rhythm [to daily life] is being massively disrupted with ubiquitous school closures and remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone who touches education is indeed entering a brave new world of experiences. A world of social distancing which challenges the very foundation of teaching and learning.”

“Schools are on the frontlines. In entirely uncharted territory, they’re springing into action to capture time-sensitive data from key stakeholders and using it to make remote teaching and learning as fruitful an experience as possible.”

Garriott and the whole of Qualtrics team aim to help K-12 and Higher Education institutions support the needs of their educators, students, and their families by providing the free XM platform to quickly get critical information so they can create solutions for specific issues such as:

  • identifying and closing gaps in the provision of essential school services such as food and mental health
  • providing adequate access to devices to support a successful remote learning experience
  • determining the best teaching model and learning programs for remote learning
  • minimizing disruptions to learning and service delivery
  • maintaining employee engagement
  • providing essential support to faculty and students in transitioning to a remote learning experience
  • understanding faculty receptivity and ability to implement online instruction successfully

About Qualtrics

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience management and global pioneer of the experience management (XM) technology category, was recently acquired by SAP to drive the transformative potential of experience data combined with operational data in powering the economy. Led by CEO Ryan Smith, Qualtrics operate as an entity within the Cloud Business Group at SAP. 

To assist businesses, governments, and education institutions successfully manage customer and employee experience amidst the COVID-19 crisis, Qualtrics launched several free-to-access XM platforms.

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