Qualtrics XM Here to Help Businesses Prepare for The Next Normal


Qualtrics Here to Help COVID-19 resources adds four new experience management (XM) solutions for businesses to prepare employees in returning to the workplace and reinforce customer engagement and confidence for the next (new) normal.

2020 has brought with it a pandemic that has resulted in a global health and economic crisis of historic proportions. The world as we know it has changed dramatically in just a few short weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our way of life, the way we run our businesses, our interactions with each other. Its impact is felt the world over. People are plagued with the conundrum of needing to stay safe (by avoiding shared physical spaces) and wanting to go back to deep-seated routines of close connections. For many though, they believe that most of these routines won’t ever go back to normal. We are entering the next new normal, one which is forcing businesses to make significant (and for some, drastic) changes in the way they operate—all while ensuring continuity and growth in an economically challenged and “socially distant” environment.

Business adaptability has never been more important in this next normal. How should leaders adjust strategies to meet employee expectations on safety concerns and respond to shifting consumer behaviors? What should they do to ensure success in this time of excess uncertainty? According to Bruce Temkin, CCXP, Head of Qualtrics XM Institute, the answer lies in experience management:

“Experience Management (XM) can play an important role in navigating this dynamic environment. XM is all about staying connected with people (customers, employees, partners, and suppliers) by continuously learning how they are thinking and feeling, propagating insights to the right people in the right form at the right time, and rapidly adapting to an increasing flow of actionable insights.”

To guide businesses in implementing XM correctly, the Qualtrics Here to Help initiative adds four new solutions:

  • Return to Work Pulse
  • Frontline Connect
  • Customer Confidence Pulse
  • Digital Open Door

These aim to help organizations determine the right way to transition employees back to the workplace and reinforce customer engagement & confidence as they return to business operations in the next normal.

Qualtrics Here to Help Understand Employees

The Return to Work Pulse solution aims to guide leaders in determining when and who goes back onsite, developing protocols for employee safety, creating a successful re-boarding experience, and adopting new technology & policies to meet employee expectations. Now, more than ever, leaders must strive to understand employees’ sentiments and unique concerns on returning to work. In order to succeed, investing in enhancing employee experience and well-being must be part of an organization’s core business strategy.

Return to Work Pulse can provide businesses quick access to employee concerns and confidence levels, an automated summary of their sentiments, and instant visibility into their needs and requirements. Through these, leaders will be better equipped to

  • address each employee’s unique concerns,
  • prioritize strategies based on emerging patterns of their activities and;
  • develop new work models for a more effective communication.

Here to Help Understand Customer Behavior

Customer needs and expectations are evolving together with the new normal. Their experiences with an organization’s brand, products and services are rapidly shifting towards a totally digital platform.

To gain a better insight into customers’ behavioral patterns, companies must keep employees engaged in the customer experience pipeline. The Frontline Connect solution serves as a tool where employees at the operational frontlines can share insights and get automated recommended resolutions for customers. With this, leaders’ are kept updated on what’s working and what needs to improve or change. This allows organizations to collect feedback at scale, identify specific at-risk customers, and iterate in real-time to ensure a positive customer experience.

Another tool for gathering customer feedback is with the Digital Open Door, which allows customers to share feedback across web and mobile touchpoints. This digital open door enables open, two-way communication between customers and employees, helping organizations better communicate guidance, support and updates to customers online. 

Finally, to help organizations understand customers’ thoughts and feelings towards the actions being implemented in response to the pandemic, Qualtrics offers the Customer Confidence Pulse. With this, leaders are able to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies, allowing them to make changes and improvements where they can. This reinforces a quality customer experience; maintaining engagement and confidence with the business.

These Qualtrics XM solutions are offered free for a limited period of time.

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