Qualtrics XM Launches COVID-19 Management Platform

Qualtrics XM Launches COVID-19 Management Platform

Several states in the U.S.A. have been using the Back To Business for Communities and COVID-19 Assessment, Testing, and Case Management solutions on the Qualtrics XM platform to understand the current state of public health risk in their community and take a fact-based approach to tracking, scheduling and testing COVID-19 cases. 

The states of Michigan, Colorado, Florida, and Indiana leverage the Qualtrics XM platform solution to provide timely information, communicate strategically, and stay connected and engaged with their citizens to effectively manage the spread of the coronavirus. Meanwhile, in the states of Utah, Nebraska, and Iowa, Qualtrics launched the COVID-19 Assessment, Testing, and Case Management Solution to respond to concerns on how to build a simple, scalable testing process that will support critical care in the short-term and enable robust tracking and virus management in the medium and long-term.

Feedback has been positive, with the county of Michigan managing to save a significant amount of resources and hours of work while tracking high-risk COVID-19 contacts with the solution on the Qualtrics XM platform that they then integrated with their own case management system. Deputy Director of the Ottawa County Public Health, Marcia Mansaray said,

“We have done several COVID19 projects, but this is by far the largest and most sophisticated effort. It has increased our capacity to monitor very large numbers of cases and contacts, and continue to do the best public health to contain the spread of the virus.”

COVID-19 Solution Built on the Qualtrics XM Platform

Ensuring healthcare systems do not become overwhelmed as the COVID-19 pandemic peaks is the main priority of many governments worldwide as the global crisis continues to accelerate. Having a tool to effectively trace and manage high-risk individuals is important to contain the virus and help flatten the curve.

Over the past months, the company has developed several COVID-19 solutions to support businesses, governments, and educational institutions. These solutions are being used across 6 continents, in 90 countries worldwide. The Qualtrics XM platform solutions for communities enables governments to improve risk assessment, automatically schedule appointments for high-risk individuals, automatically trigger opt-in contact tracing for those who test positive for the virus, and most importantly, keep in touch with citizens with an ongoing COVID-19 pulse.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 Assessment, Testing, and Case Management Solution provides the ability to screen residents based on risk, prioritise who needs to be tested, and route those individuals to testing sites.

In the states of Utah and Iowa, a disruptive, open platform approach—based on Qualtrics XM technology—was implemented to streamline the process of contact tracing by allowing individuals to self-report through the TestUtah.com and TestIowa.com websites. The platform consists of an online assessment and symptom tracker with a scheduling and testing solution that provides:

  • a statewide screener
  • daily monitoring of symptomatic individuals
  • COVID-19 case management
  • automated aggregation of data to inform decisions such as the location of testing centres, the deployment of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the targeting of social distancing guidelines to specific groups
  • effective scheduling of testing appointments for high-risk individuals
  • automated routing to the nearest testing centre
  • digitally linked assessment information
  • SMS, email or online portal delivery of results
  •  automated individual result reporting to state and federal health information systems

The Qualtrics XM Platform is GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, and FedRamp compliant technology, maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy protection available.

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