Qualtrics XM Platform to Onboard PwC’s Programs

Qualtrics XM Platform to Onboard PwC's Programs

Qualtrics, the pioneer of the experience management (XM) category and the leader in customer experience, continues to move forward with stronger partnerships and following its acquisition by SAP in 2018. Now, PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational professional services company based in London, is getting on board with the XM platform leader.

SAP-acquired Qualtrics has announced that PwC will join the Qualtrics Partner Network following the signing of the partnership with EY in 2019. This partnership will expand the existing relationship between PwC and SAP. It will also benefit organisations who have utilised the Qualtrics XM Platform in standardising their customer and employee programs by allowing them to leverage PwC’s “Return on Experience,” industry-leading advisory services, and methodology. With this, business executives and senior leaders will have the ability to close the experience gaps faster and be able to measure the impact of improved customer and employee experiences on the business.

Return on Experience on Qualtrics XM Platform

PwC developed the Return on Experience. It is a methodology that uses a system of metrics that assesses the customer and employee experience programs of an organisation to determine the impact on critical business metrics. These metrics include employee productivity, customer loyalty, and retention, as well as time-to-market.

In addition to the abovementioned, PwC will also offer advisory services to the customers of Qualtrics, which will include employee engagement programs, operational strategy optimisation, and advanced people analytics research.

Matt Egol, the Principal of Digital Strategy and Innovation for PwC, shared how brand equity development is no longer dependent only on the delivery of products. He said that it is now driven further by the customer and employee experiences provided by organisations to their stakeholders.

Egol said:

“Qualtrics is uniquely positioned to collaborate with PwC as the leading experience management platform capable of delivering value across customer and employee experiences that drive the bottom line.”

He ended his statement expressing excitement in expanding their relationship with SAP.

What’s in it for customers on the Experience Management Platform?

Customers who are leveraging the Qualtrics XM Platform will have the ability to, as said, standardise their customer and employee experience programs on Qualtrics. It will replace the traditional silos across disparate systems.

The experience data or X-data includes the customer feedback or employee engagement, and the operational data or O-data includes customer lifetime value or employee attrition. With PwC onboard, customers will also be able to act on insights from their X-data combined with their O-data using their HCM or CRM systems and processes of choice such as SAP C/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA or SAP SuccessFactors.

Customers will also be able to align and prioritise focus areas of improvement across the customer and employee lifecycles at every critical point identified.

Lastly, customers can connect their customer and employee experience programs to customer retention, employee attrition, sales, and more.

John Torrey, the Chief Ecosystem Officer of Qualtrics, encourages organisations to consider the right experts and technologies to help them predict, manage, and exceed the expectations of the customers and employees. He emphasised that PwC’s digital transformation practice, along with Qualtrics’ expertise in experience management, will help organisations in delivering an excellent experience that impacts business outcomes.

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