Are you ready to transform your SAP management?

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A new partnership between Dimension Data and Realtech will help companies to simplify and streamline their SAP management.

Can you lead the new digital business transformation that your company needs?

Can you be freed up from IT operations?

Can you trust the day to day management of your business critical SAP applications to a service provider?

The answer is yes – by working with a service provider partnership that manages both the SAP application and the SAP infrastructure plus provides value in key areas such as:

  • Cost control: Delivers real cost and time optimisation actions to provide the best use of consumptive cloud resources;
  • Flexibility: Enables rapid application testing and change within contract e.g. test and deploy HANA or S/4HANA proof of value landscapes with ease;
  • Agility: Helps your team take advantage of free self-service tools, automation and scripting APIs.

Most organisations are moving their SAP estate to some form of hybrid IT mode – a mix of on-premise and cloud resources. Cloud consumption offers many advantages for businesses – from reduced infrastructure support to greater flexibility. However, an unexpected outcome of all this diversity is the complexity of managed hybrid environments and owning the integration risk. Many businesses turn to service providers to run parts of these functions. It makes sense to share the burden with an expert service provider, but what should you expect from the relationship and how can you avoid finger pointing between providers?

Dimension Data and Realtech have formed a partnership that provides expertise across all layers of SAP implementation, hosting and support – all backed by alignment to SAP certified standards. The team provides:

  • A single local SAP Application and Cloud Team of experts with extensive global backing;
  • A fast, agile and repeatable delivery model based on a history of successful execution;
  • In-country tuneable and Certified Public Cloud Service for SAP.

Dimension Data and Realtech take full ownership of your SAP application and infrastructure; underpinned by a SAP certified New Zealand platform. No finger pointing – just an end to end support model and 99.999 per cent uptime SLA for your applications. But more than that, we want to get involved with your digital ambitions; we want to understand “what next” for your company and how we can help you get there. Let’s discuss how we can work together.

To find out more about how this new partnership can help your organisation transform and take the next step, or to register your interest in attending an event on 17 August hosted by Dimension Data and Realtech, click here.

This article is sponsored by Dimension Data and Realtech.

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