Remote Workforce Management with SAP Innovative Software Solutions

Remote Workforce Management with SAP Innovative Software Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be a defining moment for business innovation and digital transformation. The demand for innovative software solutions for effective remote workforce management is high—businesses are looking for solutions to help them survive and thrive in the new normal.

In just a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the trajectory of the global economy and forced businesses to rethink and redesign how they operate—creating a long-term digital disruption and bringing a busy workforce to a standstill. These changes, among many others, will no doubt shape businesses for decades to come.

Certainly, one of the major impacts of the pandemic is the almost instantaneous shift to remote working and its effect on human resource management. Business continuity planning, maintaining employee engagement in a digital environment, addressing virtual team communication challenges, and automating remote-work processes are on top of executives’ concerns.

SAP, foremost in business process technological advancements, offers innovative software solutions to address these challenges. In an interview, Max Wessel, chief innovation officer for SAP and managing director of SAP Labs Silicon Valley, said:

“SAP can help address customers’ short-term needs and mitigate long-term risks by offering lightweight products that automate their processes. Automation reduces dependency on domain expertise, which may be less accessible at this time. We have many solutions that immediately address these needs, are simple to deploy and offer commercial adoption and well-defined, measurable valuable propositions.”

Ruum by SAP

This innovative software was created as a solution to remote workforce management and to help business virtual teams collaboratively plan, organize, and execute work efficiently. With its flexible Canvas, the platform allows businesses to structure and build new systems on top of their existing architecture without the need to invest in coding. 

Tasks, files, and responsibilities are stored in the Canvas for streamlined coordination between team members. Virtual teams can easily collaborate, distribute tasks, set deadlines, and provide feedback in real-time. Its intuitive canvas mode interface and AI capabilities allow for automated creation of follow-up tasks and task reminders, as well as outlining event scopes, goals, and budgets for project management.

It provides a way for organizations to pinpoint any potential risks by offering increased visibility of their virtual team’s progress. Using Ruum’s TimelineKanban and Task List views, staying on top of deliverables and deadlines is simplified—allowing teams to manage workloads efficiently. 

The software solution can be used to improve and drive innovation in a variety of business processes such as:

  • increasing sales closing rates and decreasing the length of the sales cycle by efficiently tracking the status and progress of opportunities and closing plans
  • streamlining marketing campaign management
  • creating and managing project events, and establishing promotion and outreach tactics
  • analyzing the performance of pipelines, marketing campaigns and sales teams’ KPIs
  • integrating business context from your analytics suite
  • planning and conduct successful interviews
  • onboarding new employees
  • coordinating with other departments regarding HR campaigns
  • planning strategic job fairs and recruitment events

Further, Ruum offers integrations with popular tools such as Sharepoint, Google Drive, and Box. For SAP customers, it is also the only remote workforce management software solution that can be integrated into SAP Solution Manager, SAP S/4HANA (EPPM), SAP C/4HANA’s SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Marketing Cloud.

Brilliant Hire by SAP

Brilliant Hire is an innovative candidate screening software solution by SAP that was made available at no cost to customers since March 23, 2020—in response to COVID-19. It was designed to decrease the hiring process and help recruiters and HR access highly-qualified candidates through an unbiased process.

SAP has been using this innovative solution to successfully transform its remote workforce management and recruiting processes for software engineers, data scientists, product managers, UX/UI designers, and many more.

The software solution can be integrated with SuccessFactors Recruiting.

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