Royal Voluntary Service Adopts SAP Concur Expense Solutions

Royal Voluntary Service Adopts SAP Concur Expense Solutions

SAP Concur expense solutions have helped many businesses manage top expenses, travel, and invoice challenges even in the COVID-19 environment. 

With United Kingdom’s COVID-19 confirmed cases reaching over the 240,000 mark as per WHO Dashboard on the 19th of May, the government and its people are relentlessly joining efforts to combat the virus and flatten the curve. The Royal Voluntary Service, in particular, have mobilised 600,000 volunteers to alleviate the workload of the National Health Service.

The 600,000 NHS Volunteer Responders were drafted to provide vital non-medical care services to those self-isolating due to COVID-19 across the UK. These essential services include driving people to and from the hospital, delivering groceries, collecting prescriptions, ‘check-in and chat’ phone calls, and supporting the NHS to transport medical equipment and supplies. The thousands of volunteers in the field doing numerous tasks correspond with a great deal of expenses that need immediate reimbursement.

On Giving Back to Volunteers

To further empower the NHS Volunteer Responders and enable them to conduct unhampered delivery of service and care, the Royal Voluntary Service has partnered with SAP to expedite management of their expenses. Volunteers are usually spending personal funds in helping those directly affected by the pandemic. With SAP Concur expense solutions capability to automate expense claims, volunteers will now be able to reimburse expenses swiftly and efficiently.

In these times when everything seems to be a case of emergency, the SAP Concur expense solutions’ swift delivery timeline and reliability align with NHS Volunteer Responders‘ dynamics. The collaboration between SAP and the charity streamlines the expense process for volunteers enabling them to continue with their volunteering work.

Rebecca Kennelly, Director of Volunteering for Royal Voluntary Service said:

“We want to make it as easy possible for volunteers to claim expenses and the partnership with SAP Concur solution allows us to do this.”

“There are so many kind-hearted volunteers gifting their time to support others in their local community and we are delighted we are able to offer the certainty of fast, accurate reimbursement for anyone taking on extra responsibility during this time,” she expressed.

The NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System

The partnership has resulted in the charity’s very own NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System supported by SAP Concur software. Now, the volunteers’ expense claims incurred from doing non-medical tasks using their personal funds can be immediately processed. Aside from enabling them to revolve their funds for future charitable deeds or personal needs, the expense system also gives the volunteers the option to donate back to Royal Voluntary Service.

The reasonable expenses allowed to be reimbursed through the NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System are mileage, phone calls, bus fares, and purchase of hand sanitisers. Volunteers are allowed to submit one expense claim per week and the organisation will release a weekly payment run.

The NHS Volunteer Responders Expenses System policy and guidelines are detailed here.  

More About NHS Volunteer Responders Programme

NHS Volunteer Responders Programme, delivered by the Royal Voluntary Service, has been set up to support the NHS and the care sector during the COVID-19 outbreak. Health and social care professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, local authorities, and others can refer medically high-risk people whose family or friends are unable to help into this service. 

The GoodSAM, a professional deployment system used by Emergency Services around the world and the National Health Service in the UK, is utilised in matching the thousands of volunteers with members of their community who need support to stay well at home.

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