RSC brings together SAP change control and automation options; adds integration

Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) has launched a new website outlining all of its change control and change intelligence solutions.

The site leverages RSC’s integration between its own products and the company’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) technology partners.

Integrations with RSC’s flagship SAP change control product Rev-Trac include ALM technologies such as code inspection, impact analysis, test and quality assurance, and system intelligence from RSC’s Salt for SAP applications.

Over the past year, RSC has also added integrations with leading service desk providers as well.

“For some time, analysts have urged businesses with SAP software infrastructures to integrate their systems end-to-end in order to tighten system governance and increase automation,” said Rick Porter, VP business development, Revelation Software Concepts.

“RSC has long embraced an open integration approach because unrestricted component choice is important when companies wish to accomplish such transformations without disrupting established processes that support their business operations.”

Wider use of mixed best-of-breed ALM tools has heightened recent interest in integrations as a way to maintain a “single source of truth” across all systems. Many large organisations are also shifting to a DevOps approach, utilising open integration to eliminate functional silos and deliver business value more quickly in the form of working software.

Visit to check out the new website.


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