Rural VIC Fire Brigade to use CRM this bushfire season

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) has announced it will use SAP CRM software for an initiative aimed at saving lives this bushfire season.

The Community Meetings CRM Project will improve the effectiveness of the CFA in managing the community in the event of a natural disaster.

With the CRM system, implemented by Fujitsu, the CFA can provide both better education and a more timely decision making process.

Michael Foreshew, CIO for the CFA, explains what the system will do.

“The SAP system enables CFA staff to communicate with citizens and provides an infrastructure for the transfer of crucial information and updates during emergency situations,” Foreshew said.

“Over the last few months and ongoing, we are gathering  residents’ contact details and demographics, so that we know where people live and who they are, which has allowed us to create a risk profile on all residents on the new system.”

The solution also allows the CFA to proactively contact residents to provide important information and fire risk updates.

The solution has been incorporated with a series of Community Safety Meetings, which are a key forum for CFA to educate and inform Victorian communities and townships about emergencies and appropriate responses to them.

Once residents have been registered in the system, they can access a range of additional information an to help them get

“Residents can now log onto our website and book themselves into one of the meetings taking place in their local area, so that they can register their details,” Foreshew said.

“The meetings provide an opportunity for residents to register their details and include fire management training – a program called Community Fireguard.  The initiative will ensure that Victorians are better prepared for emergency situations,” he continued.

More than 100 community meetings will take place across the state.

The CFA has applauded Fujitsu for their understanding of the outcomes the organisation wanted to achieve.

“A CRM solution for an emergency services organisation is a very new concept. Fujitsu demonstrated their ability to identify the key points and requirements then built the solution around that understanding,” Foreshew said.

In the aftermath of the 2009 Black Saturday bushfire disaster, and in anticipation of the upcoming bushfire season, the Victorian Government provided funding for the project to the CFA to upgrade its infrastructure, critical assets and tools with which to deliver an improved service to Victorian regional communities.

The Black Saturday bushfires in February this year were the most catastrophic Australian Fires on record, destroying 450,000 hectares of land, and killing 173 people.  


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