SAP adds machine learning and predictive analytics to planning suite

Hans Thalbauer, SAP SE

SAP has added increased automation capabilities for SAP Integrated Business Planning, including machine learning intelligence which can help to provide accurate omnichannel replenishment and product segmentation.

The cloud-based Integrated Business Planning solution for sales and operations planning, demand sending and forecasting, investors and supply optimisation.

“With customer expectations and market conditions changing constantly, companies increasingly require collaborative planning with powerful analytical capabilities to ensure accurate and agile execution,” said Hans Thalbauer, senior vice president, Digital Supply Chain and IoT, SAP.

“Our integrated planning solution allows our customers to align business objectives with operations to achieve top-line growth and higher profits, while significantly improving customer service, order fulfillment and end-user engagement.”

Companies in the automotive, chemicals, consumer products, distribution/retail, high tech, manufacturing, mill products and mining, pharmaceuticals and service industries are using the Integrated Business Planning solution to connect disconnected data sources and processes, reduce reliance on collaboration over email and in Microsoft Excel, and provide opportunities for ‘what-if’ scenario analysis.

Some of the enhancements to this version of the solution include:

  • Improved ABC/XYZ segmentation, enabling companies to make planning, cost and service decisions that are appropriate to specific customer and product segments.
  • Machine learning, embedded into the suite through SAP Clea.
  • Further enhancements to planning algorithms, enabling increased automation.
  • New configurable analytics and dashboard apps for improved monitoring and decision support.
  • New supply chain network visualisation.
  • Enhanced product lifecycle management capabilities including phase-in and phase-out modelling for efficient product launches.
  • A new process orchestration app.

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