SAP Analytics Drive the ADFA Racing Team

ADFA Formula SAE supported by SAP Analytics

SAP is enabling collection of key analytical data to assist the ADFA racing team

SAP is supporting a series of analytical studies conducted by ADFA for their Formula SAE racing team. SAP is sponsoring the team for their second year running

Supporting Formula SAE Racing With SAP Analysis

SAP is enabling the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Formula SAE racing team to gain valuable, in-depth insights into the design and building of race cars, by providing support for three new mini-projects as part of their agreement to sponsor the racing team for a second year.

Based on learnings from the first year, the three SAP mini-projects will be:

  •         Understanding influence factors for Lambda deviation – Analysing air-fuel ratio in consideration of multiple data inputs at a point in time. The analysis will help the team to understand various impacts on performance and enable them to fine tune their system.
  •         Driver behaviour analysis – Developing a post-race solution prototype for reviewing and analysing driver behaviour and car telemetry, analysing time-stamped, geo-located video streams against time-stamped telemetry data to better understand optimal driver actions at specific points on the track.
  •         Engine vibration analysis: Determining optimum engine tuning to reduce vibration, improving overall engine performance.

The mini-projects will be used in the development of the team’s 2019-2020 race car to be designed and built by the students, who will also learn to manage the team as a commercial operation and compete against racing teams from other universities.

SAP Sponsorship of ADFA Racing

The students’ 2018-2019 race car, which will be used in competition in December at Winton Motor Raceway, was unveiled recently at a Sponsor Drive day. At the event, incoming team captain, OFFCDT Miguel Vila said, “The Academy Racing Team’s latest vehicle, SP18 is one of our most competitive so far, and we are very thankful of the continued support and encouragement from our sponsors. Especially SAP, who prove a valuable partner with their work on analysing data from the car’s sensors. We look forward to working with them to continue our development into the future.”

“The FSAE program gives the students a unique opportunity to apply their engineering theory to a real-world situation,” said the team’s academic supervisor and Visiting Fellow at UNSW Canberra, Steve Pender. “They put their technical knowledge into practice and experience the consequences of good (and sometimes not so good) engineering practice. They also experience real world problems such as constrained resources, competing and changeable requirements, and personnel issues. Overall, the students become better engineers, which is good for Defence, industry and the country as a whole.”  

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