SAP announces expansion of Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform

Bernd Leukert, SAP SE

The platform formerly known as the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, will be expanded by SAP, adding new services to make it easy and fast to build new applications, expedite the extension and integration of SAP apps, drive innovative Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, accelerate big data projects, and enable machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

SAP made the announcement at Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona this week.

“Since the launch of our PaaS offering three years ago, it has evolved to become the digital enterprise platform of choice that enables customers, partners and developers to build differentiating solutions that intelligently connect people, things, and businesses,” said Bernd Leukert, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Products and Innovation.

“To represent its bread of capabilities, it has been rebranded as SAP Cloud Platform. This platform creates digital differentiation by connecting a rapidly growing number of smart devices and machines with people and processes to achieve superior business outcomes.”

Among the new services added to the platform are:

  • SAP API Business Hub, which provides a catalogue of APIs for SAP applications, such as new APIs for the S/4HANA Cloud suite, SAP Mobile Service application, and SAP Localisation Hub, tax service.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service, which will be generally available by March 30, will quickly and easily connect enterprise business functions within a graphical interface for business analysts to create new composite workflows for business processes.
  • SAP Cloud Platform IoT services, which is now available in a beta version with more than 40 device protocols. The new release will integrate IoT services with the SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics service for faster processing of streaming data.
  • SAP Project Companion mobile app, which is planned for release on March 30. It is a native iOS app that its to provide integration through SAP Cloud Platform with the S/4HANA Professional Services Cloud solution.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (formerly Altiscale) will offer Hadoop in the cloud.
  • SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Machine service, which was introduced in the EMEA region last November, will be offered in the US in Q1 2017. The service helps customers complete their solution landscapes by adding workloads based on existing on-premise software or languages and runtimes that can run directly on SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP will also be adding new data centres to support the Cloud Platform in Japan and China, with full local
language support.

Over 1000 applications have now been built by SAP and its partners on the SAP Cloud Platform.

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