SAP App Center Redesigned as Part of Next-Gen Partnering Movement

SAP App Center Redesigned as Part of Next-Gen Partnering Movement

SAP unveils new enhancements, initiatives, and partner solutions on the SAP App Center during the SAP Global Partner Summit Online in support of partners’ journey in transforming to intelligent enterprises.

The SAP App Center is an easy-to-use global online marketplace where SAP’s more than 440,000 customers can research and discover—in real-time—innovative solutions, microservices, add-ins, and integration kits to digitally transform their business, prior to speaking with a partner.

Here, SAP partners can market and deliver their SAP-validated partner applications with go-to-market (GTM) activities to SAP customers. By transacting on the SAP App Center, partners can reach more customers globally and get more value out or their SAP partnership. With the latest enhancements announced during the SAP Global Partner Summit Online, partners can now manage all opportunities and deals through the newly added self-service partner cockpit.

SAP also launched the SAP Endorsed Apps initiative and the SAP Partner Solution Progression which are integral components of its next-generation partnering movement that aims to help customers solve key business challenges and remove barriers in partners’ digital transformation journey.

In an interview, SAP’s first-ever Chief Partner Officer Karl Fahrbach stated:

“We want to be sure we give them more access to the technology. We want to be sure we remove the barriers for them and [reduce] costs. To provide easy access to the SAP App Center. All this next-gen partnering is based on that philosophy—making it easier for the partners to capture that opportunity.”

SAP App Center Partner Cockpit

Through SAP’s cloud technology (SAP Commerce Cloud solutions, the Kyma runtime for SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, and the SAP Cloud Platform Integration) and the open-source project Spartacusthe new SAP App Center Partner Cockpit was created. This new feature allows partners to easily manage opportunities and deals from start to finish and track web analytics to evaluate the performance of their solutions on the SAP App Center—helping them close various deals faster than ever.

Additionally, the new publishing cockpit simplifies and streamlines the onboarding of new solutions. Partners can easily offer free trials, publish price books, manage listings, and more to create a first-rate experience for customers.

SAP Endorsed Apps Initiative

The SAP Endorsed Apps initiative is a new category of solutions from SAP’s partner ecosystem. It is an invitation-only program where partners’ innovative solutions undergo a series of stringent technical quality checks conducted by SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) as a requirement to getting the premium SAP certification.

With this premium certification, partners can effectively promote their innovative solutions to customers. Having this certification denotes a higher level of security and mitigates risk for customers—something that an increasing number of customers consider to be extremely important in today’s current economic climate.

SAP Partner Solution Progression

The Partner Solution Progression is a new partner delivery quality framework which reinstates SAP’s commitment to helping partners successfully navigate today’s market challenges. This aims to aid partners in fast-tracking the delivery of their innovative solutions to customers and allows them to provide higher-quality SAP system installations and get free access to cloud platforms for solution testing and demonstrations.

With this, partners are better able to showcase their solutions on the SAP App Center and find the spot that best fits their application, plan, and priorities.

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