SAP app harnesses IoT and 3D printing for on-demand manufacturing

Tanja Rueckert, SAP SE

SAP has launched SAP Distributed Manufacturing, an application that connects engineering design and procurement teams with 3D printing service providers to change the digital manufacturing landscape end to end, making small on-demand manufacturing runs affordable.

Part of the SAP Leonardo portfolio for the Internet of Things (IoT), the new app provides a scalable process that enables manufacturers to collaborate with 3D printing companies, service and materials providers and OEMs to optimise design and to integrate order creation and procurement, accelerating delivery to the end-user.

“As 3D printing technology advances beyond prototyping, more companies are rethinking their manufacturing and supply networks to take advantage of cost-effective local production, customisation and rapid delivery to meet changing customer expectations,” said Dr Tanja Rueckert, executive vice president, IoT and digital supply chain, SAP.

By integrating with SAP S/4HANA, the app can support the entire quote-to-contract process, providing all the details required to manufacture each individual part on demand.

Availability of the application is the result of extensive work with more than 45 participating customers and service providers, including UPS, HP Inc. and Jabil.

SAP and UPS plan to enable real-time decisions on the optimal supply chain path for every parts order. HP plans to eliminate friction in the process of evaluating and sourcing 3D print technology through integration with SAP’s enterprise systems and network of partners. Jabil plans to create a “digital twin” to manage the lifecycle of a part from design through production to recycling, combining its manufacturing expertise with SAP Leonardo and manufacturing solutions.

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