SAP Ariba Empowers Procurement Teams


SAP Ariba’s  Procurement Operations Desk empowers procurement teams to manage service requests more quickly, efficiently, and transparently.

Comprehensive Procurement Solution 

SAP Ariba now offers Procurement Operations Desk in SAP Ariba solutions to bring comprehensive visibility, intelligence and control to the management of tasks from source to settle. On the Ariba Network, buyers and suppliers from more than 3.8 million companies and 190 countries discover new opportunities, collaborate on transactions and grow their relationships. Buyers can manage the entire purchasing process, while controlling spending, finding new sources of savings and building a healthy supply chain. These new capabilities have been added to the Ariba Network and will be demonstrated at SAP Ariba Live Austin, April 1-3. The new solution will also be demo’d at SAP Ariba Live Barcelona, June 4-6.

Procurement professionals manage a massive volume of requests with many that still require manual review. This can overwhelm even the largest, most efficient procurement teams. Procurement Operations Desk is a comprehensive, automated workbench to manage, track, prioritize and collaborate on source-to-settle tasks. With role-based visibility, artificial intelligence (AI), and in-context collaboration, teams can respond to service requests like never before and meet service-level agreements (SLAs) for better spend management. Plus, end-to-end integration connects front- and back-office processes with an intuitive user experience demanded of intelligent enterprises.

Key Benefits

As a scalable, collaborative, and transparent way to review, validate, source, and approve purchases, this innovation helps teams benefit from:

·       Faster, more accurate source-to-settle process to reliably meet SLAs
·       Improved productivity, efficiency, and performance
·       Exceptional visibility and control across all procurement operations
·       Smarter, more effective cross-team collaboration
·       Fewer errors and oversights
·       Enhanced customer experiences that boost satisfaction
·       More effective resource allocation and balanced workloads
·       Greater compliance and scalability across the enterprise

“When procurement operations are crushed by the sheer volume of requests and the extent of manual processes required to manage them, the business suffers,” said Darren Koch, chief product officer, SAP Ariba. “These procurement operations desk capabilities bring new potential to the management of service requests. As this automation will dramatically improve the efficiency of procurement operations teams, they can scale with the business to bring more spend under management at much lower cost.”

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