SAP Cloud Solutions for Healthcare in South Africa


Healthcare organizations in South Africa turn to digital transformation with a localized and fully integrated SAP Partner-Managed Cloud solution that covers the enterprise, employee and patient journey, as well as the back-office and clinical demands of the healthcare industry.

The innovative cloud solution named SAP/CERNER. HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is provided by SAP partner Converge Solutions and was supported and co-designed by the SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) South Africa team to help healthcare organizations in the region deliver exceptional patient experiences and outcomes. 

The fully integrated, end-to-end cloud solution helps African hospitals drive down operational expenses, increase employee performance, and enhance the patient experience with improved outcomes and transparency.

SAP for Healthcare

In South Africa, the SAP/CERNER. HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from Converge Solutions is deployed across more than 70% of private hospitals and clinics in the region. The cloud solution runs in conjunction with the Cerner Clinical System ( which supports hospital documentation, planning, and controlling of service processes and communication. It combines the IS-H patient administration system with proven SAP standards on patient management, financial and asset accounting, materials management as well as human capital management.

As a result, South African private hospitals get higher levels of digitalization, automation and simplification that allow them to transform into intelligent enterprises and meet the rising back-office and clinical demands and challenges in the industry. The complex supply chain, excessive regulations and many inter-professional consultations behind the scenes are simplified without sacrificing the rich functionality that empower healthcare professionals.

Johann Joubert, CEO at Converge Solutions says that healthcare providers are constantly under increasing pressure to deliver improved patient experiences and streamline their operations. With the SAP solution designed specifically for the African healthcare market, hospitals and clinics are provided the opportunity to leverage innovative technologies to allow more effective use of available resources—freeing up healthcare professionals to spend more time with the patient to deliver patient-centric, high-quality care.

Joubert adds,

“Modern healthcare organizations simply cannot function optimally without applying technology as a key enabler of their operations.

“Thanks to the scalability of the solution through SAP’s infrastructure, and the Converge team’s expert knowledge of the African healthcare industry, it comes as no surprise to see Converge’s enhanced versions of the solution already being adopted by healthcare organizations in other African markets.”

Among the many healthcare providers that have adopted the SAP cloud solution is Fresenius Medical Care, one of South Africa’s leading renal dialysis providers which operates across more than 60 clinics located through South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. Fresenius Medical Care is now able to implement processes ranging from electronic claim submission to eligibility checking at the point of service through the SAP solution’s integration to MediKredit.

Medikredit is a switching company for medical aid claims that enables real-time eligibility checking and streamlines medical schemes that result in significantly decreased claim rejection rates.

Aside from Medikredit, the SAP/CERNER. HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM from Converge Solutions also integrates the SAP partner’s other products into the innovative cloud solution:

  • PatientMyth – an integrated survey and intervention platform that records patient feedback and allows immediate intervention if negative feedback is received, based on predefined rules
  • Impi – a configurable clinical incident management platform that provides clients complete control over clinical incidents
  • Virtual Forms – a form digitalization platform
  • Triton – an advanced yet simple to use intelligent staff planning solution that takes financial, patient and staff dimensions into account

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