SAP Concur App Center Expands Duty of Care Partners

SAP Concur App Center Expands Duty of Care Partners

In response to customer needs and the COVID-19 impact on business travel, SAP Concur announces a new and enhanced duty of care strategy that involves retiring the SaaS company’s proprietary ‘Concur Locate and Active Monitoring’ product which was developed in partnership with Healix International. In exchange, the company will be expanding its duty of care partner network within the SAP Concur App Center to provide a more robust and diverse selection of duty of care solutions to existing and future customers.

To allow ‘Concur Locate and Active Monitoring’ customers sufficient time to evaluate which elements of a duty of care solution are right for them and successfully manage a migration, SAP Concur extended the retirement date of the product to 1 September 2021. This also provides the company with the best opportunity to deliver stronger data sets to SAP Concur App Center duty of care partners with its newly enriched application programming interface (API) offering. 

Mike Koetting, SAP Concur’s Chief Product Strategy Officer explains the travel and expense management provider’s decision to retire the ‘Concur Locate and Active Monitoring’ product:

“Although we were proud of our product, we do continue to hear that clients are advocating for more selection in that solution. Our previous position of solely supporting a proprietary Locate left many clients still wishing for something else. Then, even for those clients using Locate, many of them still required additional services that were only available from one of those major suppliers. One example, in particular, being medical assistance. So although we tried to meet most of our client needs [with the single partner], we anticipate that this is an area that will continue to be so complex that it would benefit our clients to have enabled relationships directly with the companies who are specialising solely in these services.”

Finding “A Better Way” to Serve Customers through the SAP Concur App Center

With the unprecedented impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the future of business travel and the rapidly evolving duty of care obligations, SAP Concur wanted to ensure that customers are provided with the right solutions in fulfilling their commitment to their employees’ safety. In today’s new normal, it is essential for enterprises to have the capabilities to not only track and message employees during their business travels, but also provide critical security and medical assistance services when needed. 

By launching the SAP Concur Duty of Care Partner Network, the company believes they will be better equipped in providing a more comprehensive and specialised set of duty of care solutions that meets the unique and changing needs of organisations all over the world.

In a statement, the SAP Concur Team said:

“We are committed to working with current customers over the coming months as they evaluate and transition to one or more of our SAP Concur App Center partners and new clients who want to take advantage of our partner network. We understand that duty of care in today’s environment is not static. We plan to continue to identify partners who can work with us to satisfy future duty of care requirements—as we will always be driven by finding “a better way” to serve our customers.”

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