SAP Concur Solutions Add New Software Integrations

SAP Concur Solutions Add New Software Integrations

SAP announces new and updated software integrations for SAP Concur solutions with Xero accounting software and HRS’ Lodging-as-a-Service platform. Xero can now be connected to Concur Expense and Invoice through the ‘ExcluServ Concur Connector for Xero’ app. Meanwhile, SAP Concur and HRS’ strategic partnership to deliver managed travel savings to corporations has been extended for another five years.

SAP Concur Solutions for ANZ SMEs

With the release of the connector app—developed by ExcluServ and called ‘ExcluServ Concur Connector for Xero’—on Xero’s app marketplace and the SAP Concur app center, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the ANZ region are equipped with a seamlessly integrated solution—from purchasing through to payment.

SAP Concur Managing Director SMB ANZ Fabian Calle said,

“This solution helps small business owners achieve greater efficiencies in their accounting system, allowing them to focus on strategic business decisions that will help them build a more resilient, agile and scalable business post-COVID-19. Many SMBs across Australia and New Zealand have been faced with unimaginable challenges throughout 2020. The SAP Concur financial solution aims to relieve some of the pressure by providing SMBs with a unified accounting system.”

The ‘ExcluServ Concur Connector for Xero’ is designed to not only automate existing export and import processes but also to add additional value to the Concur and Xero platform. Integration functionalities include:

  • ability to consolidate and access company data in real-time based on customised rules set by the organisation
  • automate updates such as posting of expense reports and invoices from SAP Concur to Xero to reduce the risk of errors, duplicates, and data inaccuracies caused by manual entries
  • transfer and attaching images of receipts and invoices to Xero
  • smart management of billable expenses
  • sync customers to SAP Concur and tracking expenses through to Xero using Xero’s simple to use billable expenses functionality 
  • ability to get near real-time feedback on approvals
  • ability to import approved employee and account vendors from Xero accounting software into the SAP Concur solutions system
  • track employee reimbursements, as well as corporate card transactions from SAP Concur into Xero
  • map out account codes in Xero to expense types within the SAP Concur solutions system

Unique Hotel Program Options with HRS Integration

With the extension of SAP Concur and HRS’s partnership, SAP customers can now enjoy the benefits of HRS’ Lodging-as-a-Service platform which can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices. The integration offers world renown hotel content and solutions, delivers savings, and adds efficiencies that drive traveler satisfaction.

HRS’ Lodging-as-a-Service platform works with the following SAP Concur solutions:

  • Travel – Standard
  • Travel – Professional

Features of the platform include:

  • an AI-powered Recommendation Engine that works in conjunction with an organisation’s policies and configuration
  • HRS’ patented Rate Filter technology – eliminates squatter and other erroneous rates
  • HRS’ Rebooking solution – an automated service that finds lower rates and rebooks the traveler without any manual intermediary intervention
  • universal enablement of hotel loyalty programs for travelers
  • HRS’ proprietary end-to-end solutions (from procurement and booking to payment and invoice collection)

Tobias Ragge, CEO of HRS said,

“Our proprietary Lodging-as-a-Service platform is the leading end-to-end solution for corporate lodging today. We’re combining tremendous process efficiencies and direct cost savings with seamless technology that drives traveler satisfaction – all enhanced to support the revised Duty-of-Care guidelines companies have implemented in the wake of COVID-19.”

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